Becoming a Photographer - My Journey

I was never going to be a Photographer. 

When I was young, I was going to be a Librarian (stick with me here...)

young toddler in the 80s, standing with her nan in the garden
young girl in the early 90s holding a school book proudly
young girl stands proudly by her schools computer in the late 1990s

My plan was actually that I was going to be a Writer.
Now I either didn't think I was going to be a very good writer, or I was wise beyond my years because I decided I would need job security, and I was going to get that at the library. 

The theory was, when the library was quiet, I would have time to write my books and when it was busy, I would get to at least spend my time around them. 

a story writen by a young girl on white ruled paper

One day there was a girl called Rebecca. She was playing with her dolls. Her mum said ‘Get your dress on and go to school.’
They walked to school. She changed her shoes and but then the teacher said line up. So she did.
— Becki Williams (age 7ish)

Alas, as I grew older I decided that maybe a library wasn't for me.  Instead, I would be a Journalist. 

College - Journalist! No wait - Film Director!  No wait - Editor!

We won an award for one of our college videos and were in the newspaper!

We won an award for one of our college videos and were in the newspaper!


At 16 I started looking for Journalism college courses and found the perfect course at West Herts College - perfect apart from the fact it wasn't a course in Journalism. 
I spent the next two years studying Media and Photography and roaming around Watford filming and taking photos with my friends.  

At first I was going to be a Director (who am I kidding, I'm not bossy enough!) and then I decided I'd be a video editor. 

For me back then, photography was just a hobby.  It was an easy class where I got to mess around, play with chemicals and roam around Watford High Street calling it 'work'.  

I used my savings at my first job at the Co Op in Warners End to buy my first proper camera off of Ebay.  I had no idea what I was doing!

Oh, you took a Gap Year!


After College I took a Gap Year where I worked like crazy to save for a once in a lifetime trip to Australia.  I spend 2 1/2 months travelling around with people i'd never met before having the time of my life. 
Once I was home - it was time for university. 


I am a HUGE University advocate.  It changed my life.  

I did stupid things.  I met amazing people.  I worked really damn hard. 

In September 2005 I started Staffordshire University - a tiny campus in Stafford that doesn't even exist any more. 

Along with having tons of amazing experiences - I'm also proud of the work I did.  It makes my cringe to look back on now, but a lot of sweat and tears went into that work. 

I finished Uni with a 1st in Video production and it was time to head out into the big wide world. 


My first job was a Runner at Pinewood Studios.  I made tea for Ant and Dec, I ran into Jack Black on the lunch run. 
They were filming Harry Potter right outside our office so I was on constant celebrity watch. 

The hours were long, the commute was crazy and the pay bad, and with my boyfriend working shifts we hardly got to see each other.

I finally gave in a concluded that life in the fast lane was not for me.   

And so it all began...

        logo - the beginning - 2016

        logo - the beginning - 2016

                logo 2017 - present

                logo 2017 - present


I was on my honeymoon when I decided that it was time to take this photography thing seriously.  

I was working full time as a corporate video editor in Harpenden and had been doing free shoots at the weekend to get experience.  I had bought a website domain (I used my husbands surname even before we were married, pretty much forcing him to marry me one day!) and when I came back from Antigua I registered myself as self employed (hello tax returns!) and worked out my pricing.  I took on more clients and my evenings and weekends began to fill up with editing and admin. 

A few months after that, I was made redundant from my full time editing job. 

It was a huge shock, but it was also the perfect little push to take my photography full time.

That was back in October 2014, and I have not looked back since. 

newborn baby girl lays on her front, wearing a bear hat during her newborn baby photo shoot in hemel hempstead
dad lifts his baby daughter into the air while sitting on a double bed

Over the last three years I have put a lot of effort into building my photography business into something that I am extremely proud of.  It's not just my photography that has improved, but also the experience I give my clients. 

I am constantly improving my skills in everything from baby safety, photography and business as well as researching and providing a selection of gorgeous products.

newborn baby details

I meet new people weekly, getting to know them and watching their family grow.

I get to capture moments in time that those families can look back on and enjoy forever. 

I cuddle newborns, I sing with babies, I make tea for tired and emotional mums. 

I get to edit in my pyjamas! 

I love my job and I love every client for putting their trust in me to provide them with an amazing experience and images they can treasure forever. 

If you are one of them - thank you!  If you want to be one of them - thank you!

I can't wait to meet you and your family and continue this crazy photography journey. 




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