Honey's 2 Month Old Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

Honey came in for her photo shoot in Hemel Hempstead when she was around 2 months old.

She has the most beautiful red hair (hence the name!) and was just starting to find her gorgeous smile.

I had no idea when I was planning this autumnal set up that I had a little redhead coming in to be photographed. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried!

The newborn photography community in the UK is great and whenever someone finds a new prop or gets a new idea, they are always willing to share.
When someone posted that they had found some amazing fake leaves in The Works, I went straight into Hemel Hempstead town centre to get some for myself. Add in some mini pumpkins from Tesco and a gorgeous new autumnal headband and the set up was complete.

newborn baby girl lays wrapped in orange in a crate surrounded by autumnal leaves for her newborn photo shoot in hertfordshire

Whenever I get an older newborn like Honey come in for a photo shoot, I always let parents know that as their little baby is a bit older, they may be a bit more alert and less likely to sleep.
You never can know for sure though, as when Honey was wrapped, she was happy to snooze away.

Once unwrapped, Honey was awake and alert and ready for me to capture those gorgeous eyes.

Photo shoots with older babies are less about posing and more about capturing their personality and expressions.

I love a parent who is willing to join in and help to get their baby to smile, even if it means making the most ridiculous noises or doing a funny dance.
Picture it now - Honey’s mum and I standing over her making loud Cooeee noises together to get that gorgeous grin. Totally worth it!

newborn baby girl laying on her back on a cream blanket, smiling, for her newborn photo shoot in hertfordshire
close up of newborn baby girls face with a little smile for her newborn photo shoot in hertfordshire

When people ask me what age baby is my favourite to photograph I can never pick - each stage has something special about it.
At Honey’s age, I love seeing those first smiles and being able to capture them for mum and dad. And if I get a giggle - well that just makes my heart melt!!

If you liked Honey’s pictures, keep your eye out for blogs to come as I went on to photograph half of her NCT group!
Word of mouth is so important to local businesses like mine so a big thank you to Honey’s mum for spreading the word to her friends xx

newborn twins, wearing bear hats under a white blanket for thier photo shoot in hertfordshire

Hi, my name is Becki and I am a Newborn & Baby Photographer based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
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