Cake Smash Hemel Hempstead | Lottie

Let me welcome to you to little Lottie’s Unicorn Vintage Cake Smash!

I photographed Lottie as a newborn when she was only a few days old so it was great to get her back in the studio to celebrate turning one.

Her mum requested a vintage floral theme so off I went shopping for burlap bunting, flowers and pale pink balloons.

Her mum also brought some great things from home including a massive rocking unicorn and some really cute, wooden letter block.

Every Cake Smash starts with some birthday photos without the cake - before things get messy! For this, Lottie wore a One unicorn vest and an amazing unicorn headband.
She played with her blocks (and by that I mean threw them around!) and had loads of fun on her unicorn. I’m not sure she had any idea that photos were happening at the same time!


Outfit change!

Next it was smashing time, which means it was time for an outfit change into this little floral romper. I’m not sure what she was laughing at here but it was obviously hilarious!


Now all that’s left is to smash some cake!

Lottie was a little unsure at first, choosing to keep her distance. With a little help from a bit of wooden spoon prodding, she soon realised it wasn’t so scary and jumped right in.


This image cracks me up. The determination on that little face!


Cake. Is. Life.


Thank you so much for coming to me for your Cake Smash Lottie. I hope you had as much fun as I did!


Becki Williams is a Hemel Hempstead Photographer offering Cake Smashes to all the birthday boys and girls in the local area. Let me know your theme, get yourself a cake and let’s get smashing!