2019 Photo Project | January


A whole year of successful Photo Projects in 2018 and yet the first one in 2019 and I almost give up!


January is usually a quiet month for me, work wise and just life in general but so far this year has been nothing but quiet. It’s been my busiest January ever!

Because of that, I really haven’t taken many photos at all and the ones I have taken I don’t love. It was tempting to scrap the photo project, forget that I’d even mentioned that I was going to carry on for another year but I managed to convince myself otherwise.

So here are my little snaps from wintery dog walks in January.

I’m hoping for a little better in February, although I have to admit it is currently the 14th and the best I have to offer is a photo of a slice of Costco pizza but there is still time to turn things around!