2018 Photo Project | July

Whew it's been hot this month!

And no, don't worry, I'm not complaining. 

For the most part I've actually really enjoyed it.  There were just a couple of days where it got a bit much.  Those ones where walking from Sainsbury's to the car felt like a 2 minute stint inside an oven. 

One thing it did do was make my theme for this month a lot trickier. 

This month I planned on taking photos of my dog.  I had pictured afternoon walks to different locations where I could get some lovely photos of her running and jumping in the way only Springer Spaniels can. 
Unfortunately, most of her afternoons have involved lazing about in the garden, trying not to overheat. 

I did manage to get some images though, which I think capture her spoilt life with us.  She brings us so much joy, and I like to think we do the same to her. 

As much as it looks like it, these weren't all taken on the same walk!

This month I am off on a little holiday so I'm hoping to get some lovely scenery and culture in my photo project.  I can't take my camera unfortunately so I'll have to rely on my phone but I'm pretty excited to see what I can capture already!