2018 Photo Project | November

I haven’t started looking through this months photos yet and I’m a little nervous that there may not really be any.
November is always such a busy month here and being busy with shoots means I don’t really find the the time to take photos for myself.

But let’s see hey? Let me dive into this month’s camera roll and see what I find.

Oh would you look at that - autumnal dog walks have saved the day once more!

I’d forgotten all about our trip to Ashridge a few weeks ago. That place is beautiful at the best of times but in Autumn it takes it to a new level. The winter sun made the trees look as if they were on fire in those gorgeous oranges and reds.

Autumn seems well and truly over now that most of the trees are bare, which can only mean one thing (no, not muddy dog walks) I can finally say that Christmas is coming!
Our decorations aren’t up yet but our tree did make a brief appearance when I did Christmas Mini Photo Shoots last week. I love my new snowflake decorations!

The other picture worth mentioning is of course Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It’s not exactly a great picture, but I’ve been waiting so long to see the show that it just had to be included!
I was meant to go last year but couldn’t because my dog hurt herself (thanks, pup!) so I had to wait another year but finally I can enjoy ‘keeping the secrets’ along with everyone else who has been.

What can you expect in December?

Well let’s face it - Christmas. Lots and lots of Christmas…and I can’t wait!