How To Take Amazing Christmas Photos of Your Baby on your Mobile Phone

If you missed out on a Christmas Mini Photo Shoot this year or if you just fancy taking photos yourself, here’s a beginners guide to taking amazing Christmas photos of your baby, simply using your mobile phone.

  1. On a Christmas blanket

how to take christmas photos of your baby on a christmas blanket in a cute outfit

This simple set up suits any age but is perfect for getting Christmas photos of babies who can’t sit yet.

You’ll need:

  • A Christmas Blanket - could be a Christmas patterned blanket or even just a fluffy throw

  • Christmas baubles & tinsel. The baubles may end up in your babies mouth so keep that in mind if you’re choosing ones with glitter or small parts attached.

  • A Christmas outfit for your baby

Christmas photo of a 2 month old baby

Getting The Photo

  1. Lay your blanket in a nice light area of your house but avoid any direct sunlight. By patio doors or a large window is ideal.

  2. Place your baby on the blanket so the light is either coming directly from their left or their right, rather than their head or toes - this is much more flattering.

  3. Place the bauble and tinsel around them and they will soon start to grab and play

  4. Try and take the photo from directly above them rather than angling your camera from their feet or their head.

  5. Don’t be afraid to make funny noises and jump around a little to capture those genuine smiles.

  6. Mix it up - try some with and without baubles and tinsel and take some close ups and some long shots.


Be careful if you decide to use fairy lights!

Do not let your baby put them in their mouth or leave them alone with the lights at any time.


2. In Front of the Christmas Tree

2 month old baby in front of a christmas tree

You just cannot miss out on taking a photo of your baby in front of a Christmas tree.

You’ll need:

  • A decorated Christmas tree with either coloured or white lights

  • Something to lay your baby on to lift them higher, like a beanbag


  • A blanket to cover what your baby is laying on

  • Present to go under the tree (you can always wrap fake ones)

  • A Bumbo if they’re not quiet sitting

  • A book or other christmassy accessories to occupy older babies and keep them still longer

Getting The Photo

  1. Place your beanbag a few feet away from your Christmas tree and lay your baby on top, side on to the tree.


  2. Sit your baby a few feet away from your Christmas tree. You may have to sit them in something to raise them up so the Christmas tree branches are behind them, rather than the legs.

  3. If you have a camera with a zoom, in an ideal world you will move as far away as possible and zoom in as much as possible (not digital zoom, like on a phone). If you are far from your baby, get someone to stay close the beanbag incase your baby rolls over.

  4. Kneel down so your are the same level as the beanbag and the Christmas tree is in the background and take your photo.

  5. You may have to play around with how bright or dark the room your are photographing in is by opening and closing the curtains as this will effect how much the christmas lights show up.


Top Tip

If your phone has a setting to make the background blurry - now’s a great time to use it!


3. On a Christmas Bed

baby boy sitting on a christmassy decorated bed for a christmas photo shoot in hemel hempstead, herfordshire

Photos on a Christmas bed is so easy and takes the least effort of the above.

You’ll need:

  • Christmas bedding or white bedding with Christmas cushions and blankets

  • Fairy lights if you want them in the background

  • Some christmas pyjamas for your baby

  • Any other accessories like a Christmas hat, book, toys etc.

christmas baby photo on a big bed

Getting the Photo

  1. Choose a bed in a room with as much natural light as you can and turn off any over head lights. Ideally the light will come from either behind you or from the side.

  2. Decorate your bed by using Christmas bedding or by using Christmas cushions, blankets and fairy lights.

  3. Place your baby on the bed and snap away!

  4. Be prepared to jump around to make them smile and give them accessories and toys to play with.


I hope this has helped you come up with some Christmassy ways to photograph your baby. If you try any of these ideas, make sure you post your results over on the Becki Williams Photography Facebook Page or tag @BeckiWPhotos on Instagram.

Merry Christmas!