Twin Newborn Photography - What To Expect

newborn twins wearing bear hats under w white blanket with their arms above their heads at their newborn photo shoot in Hemel hempstead

If you’ve found your way here because you’re expecting twins


Welcome to the world of double the mayhem but also double the love.

Now it’s time to book your photo shoot you might be wondering whether a Newborn Photo Shoot with twins is the same as with one baby.

Is it more expensive?
Do you have to find someone special to do it?
What if they have to stay in hospital for a while?

Hopefully I will answer all your questions below.

newborn twins laying under a cream blanket at their newborn photo shoot in Hemel hempstead

Do I have to find a special Twin Newborn Photographer?

I’ve never met a newborn photographer who doesn’t offer to photograph twins.
Although you don’t have to find someone special, I would ask to see any newborn twin photos they’ve taken in the past to make sure they have some experience with multiples and also to make sure you like their style.

Is a Twin Newborn Photo Shoot more expensive?

I don’t charge any more for photographing 2 babies than I do 1. In my eyes, I’m just splitting the time between two babies instead of spending the whole time with one.
Other photographers do charge more so it’s definitely worth asking whoever you are booking with.

newborn twins wrapped in pink and blue at their newborn photo shoot in Hemel hempstead

Do I get double the amount of images?

I offer the same amount of images at a twin shoot as I do when I photograph one baby (generally around 30). These will be a mix of family photos (if you want them) photos of the twins together and photos of them separately.

(If I’m completely honest, I do probably end up including a few more photos from a twin shoot than a single baby…)

What If they have to stay in hospital and I miss that 5 - 10 day newborn window?

If your babies have to stay in hospital for a while, that’s fine. Twins usually arrive early and stay in the newborn sleepy phase for longer.

If they are in hospital for a long time and we miss that sleepy window all together, still come in for a shoot and I’ll take relaxed, unposed photos of them awake instead. You don’t have to miss out!

Can they match/ Can you make sure they don’t match?

On your booking form there is a section for you to tell me what colours or themes you like. You can choose whether you want them matching or if you’d like them to be quite individual.
The earlier you let me know what you like, the more time I have to come up with ideas and order props or accessories.

black and white photo of newborn twins laying head to toe, cuddled up to each other at their newborn photo shoot in Hemel hempstead

How is a Twin Newborn Photo Shoot different to when photographing one baby?

Twin parents won’t get to relax quite as much!
When I’m photographing a single baby, parents generally get to relax and nap. Twin parents unfortunately have it a little harder. If i’m photographing them together I may need you to sit by them for safety or while I photograph one, the other may need feeding or changing.

We work on both their schedules.
When they are both asleep I will aim to get some posed photos of them together. They are bound to wake up at different times at which point I will carry on photographing the settled baby while the other gets fed or changed. To me it’s a bit like having a spare baby to photograph!

Is the posing different?
There are different poses for twins than single babies ranging from the simple(r) to the more tricky. Wrapped poses are generally easier and then naked ones a little harder. I don’t always get the same poses with both babies as one baby may prefer to be on their tummy where as the other one may like being on their back.
If they have been in the NICU and have used octopuses or scent squares I am happy to include them in some of the photos as well.

What if they don’t sleep?
I have photographed twins who snuggle into each other and sleep perfectly and twins who want to constantly flail their arms and hit each other.
If they refuse to sleep I use different wrapping techniques to get them snuggled and contain those little arms and legs and will also get less posed, more awake relaxed images in a similar style.

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The Twin Photography fun doesn’t have to stop at newborn.

I offer Milestone Mini Photo Shoots to everyone who has a newborn shoot with me. They’re a great way to capture those sitting, crawling and standing milestones at around 8 months.

(and yes, these two monkeys did constantly want to crawl in opposite directions! )

8 month old twins in white vests on a cream blanket at their photo shoot in hemel hempstead