Spence's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hitchin

A few weeks ago I travelled to Spence's house in Hitchin for his Newborn Photo Shoot.  

His mum had a C-section and was unable to travel to me so I hopped in my car and went to them instead.
When I arrived, the house was nice and warm and ready for me to set up in their living room.  

People always worry that their houses won't be big enough when I travel, but usually any living room space is fine.  I may have to move a table or close a curtain but I'm pretty adaptable.

And so my run of beautifully sleeping babies continues!

I know I've been saying this a lot about newborn's recently but Spence really did sleep like a little star.  From beginning to end he was happy for me to gently position him, only giving a few little wriggles and pulling a few funny faces along the way.

When I first lay a newborn down, I let them get comfy and take pictures just as they are.  Not only are these moments lovely and natural, it also means that if they wake as soon as I move them I at least have some sleeping images!

black and white photo of newborn baby laying on his back with his arms by his face

From his back, I moved him onto his side.  Just look at that gorgeous squished cheek!

photo of newborn baby boy laying on his side, his cheeked squashed slightly by his hand.

Ah my favourite - the tummy pose!

I did three colour set ups in this position - light grey, dark grey and cream.  Spence's mummy provided the hat and I knew straight away it would look gorgeous with a dark background.  
The cream set up shows off his beautiful back rolls perfectly <3

newborn boy laying on his tummy on a cream blanket covered by a thin cream blanket.

Not all babies like this position and from the faces Spence pulled, I don't think he was too sure at first!  I love these little outtakes.  I would definitely hang them together on a wall or place them next to each other in an album. 

three photos of a newborn boy laying on his front with his hands under his head.&nbsp; He is pulling funny faces in his sleep

Will this white furry blanket ever get old?  I think not!

If there was ever a set up where 100% of your focus is on the baby, this would be it.  Simple white wraps and cute little accesories just make it even more perfect. 

photo of a newborn baby boy laying on a white fluffy blanket, wearing a bonnet with bear ears and wrapped in a cream blanket.
Natural newborn photo of baby boy wrapped in a cream blanket with two red love hearts by his head as if he is dreaming of love


So many of the newborns I photograph have very talented family!  Spence's nan made this gorgeous quilt for his pirate themed nursery.  Isn't she clever!  He'll be using this so much as he grows. 

natural newborn photo of a baby laying on a pirate themed quilt, covered in a blue blanket

Have you ever seen such gorgeous newborn toes?

I love detail photos, and when I photograph something like this, it melts my heart.  All these little details will have already changed so much since I saw him last.  The dried skin will have healed, the milk spots faded and those wrinkly hands will have smoothed out. 

close up of newborn baby toes with dry skin
close up detail photos of a newborn baby including hair, lips, nose, ear, hand, and tummy rolls.

Spence was an absolute pleasure to photograph and I really hope I get to meet him again in the future. 

Next time I can hopefully avoid the flat tyre on the way home though!

rac van by car with flat tyre

Newborn lays on his tummy, asleep, wearing a grey stripy het

If you'd like Newborn Photography just like Spence's, please get in touch!