Logan's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

Logan's mum first got in touch about a month before her due date to book in her Newborn Photo Shoot.  We discussed everything she liked and didn't like and booked her in for around a week after she was due. 

Logan, it seems, had other plans though as he arrived almost 4 weeks early!  He had to stay at Luton and Dunstable Hospital for around a month so we kept pushing his shoot date back until he was given the all clear and was able to go home. 

Although he was technically over a month old when he came for his photo shoot, it was only 6 days past his due date and was back at his tiny birth weight of 6.2lb.

Logan's mum requested a nature theme for their photo shoot, with leaves and other natural materials. 
This of course was the perfect excuse for me to go shopping and I came back with a grape vine wreath, a leafy garland, a wooden crate and some burlap material.
I love being able to personalise shoots to what clients like.  It gets me excited to try something new and I get even more excited to show them the result. 

To start with, we did parent photos, which included photos with them together as well as some with mum and dad seperately.  Their white clothes and the simple background leaves the entire focus on Logan.

new parents holding their newborn baby boy at their photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Next it was time to embrace nature!

I really enjoyed the creative process of coming up with these shots and am over the moon with the results (if I do say so myself...)  I already can't wait for the next person to request something like this. 

newborn baby boy laying on a fluffy rug surrounded by a leaf garland on a wooden floor at his newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Not many babies sleep for their entire shoot and when you can get lovely natural photos like this, why would you want them to?
I love using my white fur fore these really relaxed moments.  The fur is also fun for little hands to grab hold of!

A tummy full of milk later and the beanbag posing could begin.  I started with him on his side and then gently moved him onto his tummy in the aptly named 'bum up' pose, which he seemed to find very comfy.

newborn baby boy laying on his tummy in a 'bum up' pose for his newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Carrying on with the nature theme, I wanted to include a bit more green in Logan's gallery of images.  It isn't very often that I reach for green and I'm not sure why.  After how these turned out, I'll definitely be reccomending more green to parents in the future. 

newborn boy laying asleep on his tummy on a green blanket, covered in a green wrap for his newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

These beautiful poses are the perfect way to show just how tiny he was at this time.  

"It's the little things that make life wonderful"

I love detail photos.  All those tiny newborn things that will change faster than you could ever imagine.  The milk spots, the hairy ears, the wrinkly feet - I love them all. 

newborn baby details including baby rolls, nose, ear, lips, feet and hand. 

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