Newborn Photography | Edgware | Enzo

Little Enzo came from Edgware for his Newborn Photo Shoot when he was 15 days old.

When I can, I try and photograph babies between 5 & 10 days but if it doesn't work out like that, it's fine.  The older the baby the less likely they will want to curl up and sleep but that doesn't mean we still can't get gorgeous photos!

Enzo, as it turned out, was a lovely mixture of awake and asleep for his photo shoot.

He started off happily wide awake, even when wrapped up snug.  It was the perfect oportunity to capture those beautiful eyes, some stretching and cute expressions. 

newborn baby lays awake on his back covered in a grey blanket

As with most newborns though, he couldn't fight sleep forever and soon drifted off.

Not all newborns like all poses and Enzo wasn't a big fan of being on his front.  I kept him nice and comfy on his back and on his side, changing up the wraps and blankets so his mum and dad had lots of variety to choose from. 

newborn baby lays alseep on his back, covered in a cream blanket for his newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

The two images below are a frequent request from new parents. 

They're a great way to remember just how tiny his little feet were at this time and at the same time I get a good laugh watching parents trying to work out how to make the heart shape with their hands! 

It's only been a few weeks since his newborn photo shoot and I bet they don't fit like this anymore!

parents hands making a heart shape while holding their newborn babies feet
a newborn babies foot resting on his parents hands on a black background

As always, I can't let a shoot go past without capturing some of those teeny tiny details.  From fingers and toes, lips and his nose, all these things will never be this small ever again. 

close up of a babies handm toes, ear, nose and lips from a newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

It was really lovely to meet Enzo and his family and I'm already looking forward to his next photo shoot in the summer when he turns 6 months. 

black and white images of a newborn babies feet in his parents hands while they make a heart shape

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