2018 Photo Project | March

Ok so technically it's pretty grim outdoors but can we finally celebrate the fact that Spring is here now?

Yes ok it is pouring today, and yes ok there is more snow forecast in some places over Easter but yesterday - yesterday it was lovely and sunny!  We're not blessed with a whole bunch of sunny days in grand old Hemel Hempstead so lets not forget the ones we do have!

In previous months I've managed to keep on track of my photo project but this month I may have left it to the last minute to put the photos together...
It's been fun looking back through them though, remembering everything I've got up to as another month flies by scarily fast.

March started with a sugar rush when my husband and I headed over to the Blue Croc Cake Shop in Luton for a Macaron Making Masterclass.  The fact that we actually made something as pretty as we did shows how good a teacher Aimee is!  We had great fun and would definitely recommend it. 

How much snow have we had over the last month?!

I love snow but I hate the slippery mess it leaves behind.  Jess on the other hand loves snow and ice no matter how slippy it is.  She jumps, dives and snow ploughs her way around the park. 
I also love how snow makes all my photos look black and white. 

For Mother's day weekend headed to Surrey for a weekend away with the dogs.  5 mile walks in the rain, almost losing wellies in the thick mud, followed by lazy evenings with wine and a good book - bliss!
Some of the scenery around that area is stunning, even in thick fog!