Newborn Photo Shoot | Izzy - 2 1/2 days old

Toby & Jake live with their mum and dad a few doors down from our house.  They love saying hello to Jess the dog, showing me whatever new toy they have or just telling me something random about their day. 

For the majority of 2017, the big news was that they were about to become big brothers.  And they were excited!

Izzy is the youngest newborn I have ever photographed as she came to me when she was only 2 1/2 days old! 

Her mum brought her over while her big brothers were at school and it was hard work to convince myself to stop cuddling her and actually take any photos.

When I first laid her down I could tell straight away that she loved her hands up by her face and her legs out straight.  I let her get comfy, taking images as she stretched (and hid!) before gently rolling her onto her side and covering her with a soft purple blanket.

newborn baby stretching in black and white
newborn baby with hand over face
sleeping newborn baby covered in a purple blanket at her professional newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Having seeing pictures of Izzy's colourful nursery, I knew I had to stray away from my usual neutrals and include a few brighter elements in her images. 
I ordered a couple of props specially, including this gorgeous little headband and a striped rainbow blanket.

Most newborn babies adore being wrapped and Izzy was no different. 

sleeping newborn baby wrapped in a pink blanket with a rainbow coloured headband on
wrapped, sleeping newborn baby in black and white
wrapped sleeping newborn baby with legs on show

For someone who usually sticks to quite a neutral palette, I love the bright colours of the rainbow blanket.

newborn baby wrapped in a striped, mulit-coloured blanket and wear a colourful headband

Not all babies like all poses, and that's fine.  After I got this adorable photo (those dimples!) I could tell that Izzy wasn't quite comfortable on her front so I turned her back over and made sure she was happy again on her side.

sleeping, smiling, newborn baby girl laying on her front on a grey blanket

No newborn photo shoot is complete without capturing those tiny details.  They definitely aren't so tiny any more!

close ups of newborn baby details including eat, lips, hands, nose and feet

After school it was time for a photo with her proud big brothers.  She even flashed us those cute little dimples again. 

two proud big brothers sit holding their newborn baby sister

I can't wait to watch Izzy grow up and hopefully I'll be sharing more photos of her in the future!

If you're interested in a Posed Newborn Photo Shoot please