A Bright & Colourful Nursery - Inspiration & Ideas

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Deciding what theme, colours and designs you'd like for your new baby's nursery is an incredibly exciting (if a little daunting...) process.  The world of colour, pattern and design is your oyster. 

If you've chosen to go the colourful route - high five to you!  I think colourful nursery's give the impression of a really fun and happy space to grow up. 

I hope this blog post fills you with inspiration and helps designing your new baby's room that little bit easier. 

All inspiration images below have come from Pinterest and can be found on This Pinterest Board along with lots of other colourful ideas.


Who knew there were so many types of colour?  Seriously.  It's only when you dive into colour charts that you realise just how many shades of one colour there actually are!

Deciding what to put in your nursery will be a lot easier if firstly you choose the colours you'd like the room be.  Colourful doesn't have to mean 'in your face' bright.  It also doesn't have to mean including every colour under the sun - although of course it can!
Check out colour swatches in DIY shops and on Pinterest for ideas.

Another way to choose a colour scheme is to start with inspiration from an item you've already brought for the room. Whether it's a piece of art or a lamp, start with that colour and work from there. 

A great online tool for choosing what colours go together is Adobe Color.  It's a little addictive - you've been warned!


Wallpaper, paint or both?

Don't be scared of crazy or repeating patterns, or mixing both wallpaper and paint.  
Having a colourful nursery doesn't even mean you have to have very colourful walls.  The grey room with the colourful accessories below is just as gorgeous. 


If you're going for a mixture of wallpaper and paint, choose the wallpaper first and then take it into a DIY store to find matching colours.  It's much easier to do it that way than the other way round. 

John lewis children's wallpaper for a colourful nursery

John Lewis have the most beautiful range of children's wallpaper that you simply have to check out.

Wallpaper from b&Q from a colourful children's nursery

Don't neglect the usual DIY stores when you're searching for wallpaper. This pattern came from B&Q.

nubie wallpaper for a colourful nursery

This gorgeous unicorn design comes from Nubie.
They specialise in modern design for kids and have some amazing wallpaper.


If you want to keep things simpler with little spots of colour or design then murals or stencils may be the way to go. 

You can hire someone to paint a mural, buy stickers online or try and stamp your own.


As you have probably guessed, places like Etsy and Not On The High Street are great for wall stickers.  They everything from small simple designs to large elaborate art and quotes. 

IdealStencils.co.uk have a huge range of different designed stencils (and also some clear instructions on how not to mess it up!)

butterfly nursery mural - colourful nursery ideas

Want to leave it up to the professionals? Check out Mario Corile, an amazing local mural painter.


With just a little bit of paint, changing a handle or covering a drawer front, storage can go from boring to colourful in no time. 


When it comes to nursery furniture you'll find a lot of neutral colours so It might be time to go a bit DIY.  Use off cuts of funky wall paper to line shelves and buy basic wooden furniture to sand back and paint a matching colour.

nubie bookshelf for a colourful nursery

Nubie has loads of different colourful storage solutions.  I ADORE this tree bookcase which is available in tons of colours

Once again, IKEA does not let us down with it's colourful storage solutions.  From simple coloured handles to fully coloured sets of drawers.
(don't forget to check out the spice racks for book shelves and google Nursery IKEA Hacks for more ideas!)


White furniture still looks amazing in a colourful nursery so don't be concerned if that's what you have.  Similarly to above you can go DIY on some of these items but remember to check safety standards when it comes to painting things your baby may munch on (like everything!)

Ikea gonatt cot for a colourful nursery

Thank you once again IKEA for this gorgeous looking cot for people who want just a splash of colour on their furniture. 

blue colourful cot from mothercare

Mothercare have a few colourful things to offer us including this cot, which is available in blue, pink and green.


A adore this grey cot from Mamas and Papas.  Add in some colourful bedding and this is the winner for me!


This has got to be the most fun part right?  From photos, bunting, art work, soft furnishings - the possibilities are endless!


I really hope you've found this post helpful.  If i've missed any must haves, let me know down below!