Newborn Photography | Hemel Hempstead | Albie

Albie was the perfect little model at his newborn photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.  He slept from the get go and pretty much stayed that way the entire shoot!

To start things off I used a lovely cream fluffy blanket.  You'll have to trust me on this but it is SO soft!  No wonder babies sleep so well on it.
I laid him down and got some natural photos while he got comfy and then when he was in a nice deep sleep I wrapped him up in a dark grey wrap. 

Also, check out the amazing mohican!

newborn baby asleep for photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Check out the cheeky little smile I caught as he drifted off into a deeper sleep!

newborn baby photo shoot of wrapped up baby in hemel hempstead
black and white photo of sleeping newborn baby on fluffy rug

After being wrapped up, I moved onto my favourite light grey backdrop for some sleepy posed photos. 

The side pose is a great pose to include any little toys you might have.  If you don't have any, I have a selection of little teddies to choose from - and a little plastic robot that I am dieing to use!

professional photo shoot of newborn baby in hemel hempstead.  newborn lays on his side hugging a cuddly dog.

From his side, we moved onto his tummy and yes, I of course had to get a picture with the bear ears hat!

professional photo shoot of newborn baby in hemel hempstead.  baby laying on it's tummy wearing a cute bear hat.

I don't get to use the 'head on hands' pose (on the left) in every photo shoot because not all babies like it (i'd never force a baby into a pose they didn't want to do) Alfie on the other hand seemed quite happy and comfy!

Check out his rolls and chubby arms on the image on the right.  This little guy was 9lb 12oz when he was born but I don't where he's hiding it!

professional photo shoot of newborn baby lay on his tummy in hemel hempstead
professional photography in hemel hempstead of a newborn baby laying on it's tummy

Ah, of course - the details.  All those tiny things that will have double in size before you know it.   Everything from the hair on the back of the ears, the wrinkly feet, the tiny fingers and milk spotted nose - I love it all!

I tried to take some photos in my wooden bowl at the end of the session but by this point Albie was wide awake and having none of it!
Instead, we went with awake photos instead which I AM NOT sad about because look at those eyes!!!

Pure cuteness.

awake newborn baby for baby photoshoot in hemel hempstead
cute newborn baby for professional photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Newborn baby photography with newborn baby sleeping on tummy 

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