Cute Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead | 2 Month Old Ben

When 2 month old Ben first came in for his photo shoot he was not having a good day.

Rather than keep pushing him on a day he obviously wasn’t up for it, I got a few photos and then called it a day. I’d rather babies come back when they’re feeling 100% rather than move them around lots on days when they aren’t feeling well.

You’ll be happy to know that the Ben I got back a few days later was a much chirpier little guy and so the cute baby photos could begin!

I only generally put newborns in crates but every now and then I’ll try with a slightly older baby. Ben only just fitted, but he was certainly happy to be wrapped.

cute baby photo of a 2 month old boy laying on a blue blanket, covered by a blue blanket, smiling.

Even grumpy faces make cute baby photos!

head and shoulders cute baby photo of a 2 month old laying on a dark grey blanket, covered in a dark grey blanket. he looks grumpy

After a while, Ben’s personality really started to shine. I was treated to many cute little smiles as well as full on massive grins.

With 2 month old babies I keep the posing nice and natural. Every now and then I will get a sleepy 2 month old but generally at this age babies are much more awake and alert. I love this little cheeky age where their personalities are really starting to shine.

a cute baby photo of a 2 month old boy laying on a white fluffy blanket. he is covered in a small white blanket with his arms and legs on show while smiling

From white fluff to grey, with more gorgeous grins. You can almost hear the noises he was making just by looking at the photos.

a 2 month old boy laying on a grey fluffy blanket, covered in a blue blanket to the waist. his arms are open wide in joy and he has a big smile on his face.

I’m so glad you were feeling better for your second shoot Ben. I loved your gorgeous grin and the amazing eye contact you had with the camera.
I hope I get to photograph you again in the future!


2 month old boy laying on a grey fluffy blanket, covered in a blue blanket. His arms are open wide and he has a big grin.

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