Happy Birthday to Us!

Collage of newborn & baby images by becki williams photography
Collage of newborn & baby images by becki williams photography

It's pretty amazing for me to be able to say that this month,

Becki Williams Photography turns 3 years old. 

Thank you SO MUCH to all the lovely families that have put their faith in me to capture images of their bumps, newborns and babies over the last year.  I've met some amazing people, some of which have become good friends and I can't wait to continue photographing your families into the future. 

From babies that came too early, to all those who came late (I swear I have a curse that makes ladies who book with me go overdue!), from those newborns who slept and those who were having way too much fun to sleep - it was a pleasure photographing each and every one of you - yes, even if you wee'd on me. 


So what's happened this year?

Collage of newborn & baby images by becki williams photography

Being in business for 3 years means I am seeing more and more siblings coming through my doors.  I get to photograph little people, who I first met as newborns, holding their younger brother and sisters - amazing!

I can't even start to tell you how much my prop collection has grown!  I now have a seamless paper backdrop for parent photos, a 'wooden' floor for prop shots and countless new backdrop fabrics, hats and headbands. 
Earlier this year I let my Facebook Page pick my next newborn backdrop blanket in a poll.  The backdrop 'Nadia' won and now sits on my shelf with 'Kaden'...because I of course had to purchase the one that came in second as well!

If you want to see what I get up to day to day including behind the scenes from shoots, editing and the odd video of my dog, head over and add me on Instagram Stories.  It's my current favourite form of procrastination!

Writing has always been a love of mine and this year i've really upped my blogging game. I've told the stories of tons of babies as well helping you choose mothers day gifts, giving you ideas for decorating your nursery and keeping you up to date on what's going on in the local area. 

photo by becki williams photography of 8 year old girl holding balloons, laughing

Summer Minis were a great success this year.  We headed onto the Nickey Line in Hemel Hempstead for a Balloons and Bubbles themed shoot and had lots of fun.  
Next year I'm considering bringing them forward into half term and doing a Blossom theme instead but we shall see! 

Right now all my focus is going on Christmas Minis, which take place in a few weeks!

All there is to say once again is Thank You!

I'm heading into year number 4 with a smile on my face and I can't wait to see what it brings.

Becki x