Newborn Photo Shoot: Sonny

Sonny Newborn Photo Shoot


This was another one of those lovely occasions where I got to photograph a friends new little arrival.

Mathew grew up on the same street as my family and is a life long friend of my brother. 

I was VERY excited to hear of Sonny's arrival and headed over to their house in Hemel Hempstead a few days later for his newborn photo shoot.

I set my beanbag and backdrops up in their front room while Sonny had a little feed. 

He had just started to get settled when the health visiter arrived to do the heel prick test!  He was very brave and hardly let out a whimper despite them struggling to get his circulation to co-operate.

I started the shoot with him on one of my newer blue fleeces.  I absolutely love the colour of the lighter blue blanket.   I then switched to a cream blanket and got some photos with a blanket that his daddy used when he was a baby. 

By this time Sonny had settled into a nice deep sleep so it was time for some tummy poses.  I used a couple of cute hats and a lovely blue blanket before getting a few shots in my little white basket, which he could only just fit in!  

Sonny was so well behaved throughout the shoot and his mummy and I are already planning play dates in Gadebridge Park when we get our new puppy.

If you're interested in a newborn shoot or have any questions please Get In Touch.