Newborn Photo Shoot : Bethany

Newborn Family Photo Shoot

I was pleasantly surprised when Bethany's mummy got in contact to let me know she had arrived a day early (yay) as most of my newborns have been keeping their mummy's waiting recently!  We kept the pencilled shoot date the same and her and her little entourage came to my house for the shoot. 

When I do newborn shoots at my house I have a little rearrange of the dining area and set up by my patio doors.  Although I take a lot (A LOT) to my newborn shoots, being at home means I have all of my props and accessories to hand. 

To start with I took some photos of Bethany in a little basket on a wooden background.  She was very much awake (as apparently she had been all night...) but was happy to sit snuggled up.

We tried continuously throughout the shoot to get her to sleep but she was quite determined to stay awake for as long as possible.  

We took lots of breaks and had lots of feeds to keep her contented while I got some shots on the blanket backdrops.

When it was time for family photos, she finally fell into a deep sleep and was happy to be snuggled up in everyone’s arms. 

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