Ollie's Newborn Photo Shoot | Kimpton

A few weeks ago I headed over to Kimpton for little Ollie's Newborn Photo Shoot. 

With his big sisters out for the day, it was just me, him and his mummy and daddy, ready to photograph him in all his newness. 

Ollie had actually arrived 4 weeks early and his due date was the day after his shoot.  He was super sleepy until right at the end and kept making loads of very cute noises throughout, making me giggle. 

Ollie's mum mentioned on her booking form that she liked large props so I wrapped Ollie up snug and placed him in my special newborn posing bowl.   Just like most babies, he loved the safe feeling of being wrapped and slept like a dream. 

Once we had finished with the larger props I moved him onto my special posing beanbag. 

This is where I slowly moved him through different poses, adding in wraps and props as we go to get a variety of images.  If there are any poses a baby doesn't like, I skip them as all babies aren't the same.  Ollie was quiet happy with every pose - as long as I let him keep his hands up by his face!

wrapped newborn baby on a grey blanket for his newborn photo shoot in berkhamsted
newborn baby boy laying on his tummy wearing a cream hat for his newborn photo shoot in berkhamsted
cute newborn baby boy laying asleep on his tummy for his newborn photo shoot in berkhamsted

Capturing these tiny baby details is so important to me during every photo shoot.   These simple details are only this little for such a short amount of time. 

professional close up photos of newborn baby features including back rolls, nose, lp=ips and ear

After I had photographed a nice amount of poses, I moved him on a nice white furry blanket, where he decided it was time to wake up. 
He was giving me the most hilarious expressions, which I think show that cheeky personailty coming through already!

newborn baby boy laying on a white flurry blanket, wrapped in a white blanket for his newborn photo shoot in berkhamsted

It was really lovely to meet you and your cheeky expressions Ollie and I hope I get to photograph you again in the future!

circle image of newborn baby laying on his tummy on a cream blanket in bum up pose at his newborn photo shoot in berkamsted

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