Hot Sweaty Nights - A Pregnancy Survival Guide


1. Look after yourself during the day

Remember that how you spend your day will effect how you sleep at night.  Some of these might seem obvious but they are still important to remember!

  • Heat can make your hands and feet swell so remove tight rings and wear comfortable loose shoes. Try and keep your feet up and moisturise your limbs (hello foot rub!)

  • Stay hydrated. Treat yourself to a new water bottle and carry it everywhere you go. Add extra fruit if you want to feel fancy or get bored of the taste.

  • Find a local aqua-natal class. The exercise will both wear you out and cool you down (and gives you a perfect excuse for another ice cream)

  • I know these might be your last few weeks or days before the mayhem begins and relaxing becomes a thing of the past, but try and relax in the shade rather than the sun.

  • Have a cooling foot spa or run your wrists and other pressure points under cool water.

  • Eat ALL the ice lollies. Ok so some say this doesn't work in the long term but it feels great at the time!

  • Place cold flannels on the back of your neck, forehead and bump.



2. Prepare your bedroom  

  • Choose cotton over polyester for bed linen as well as pyjamas (if you can bear to wear any) Some women swear by mens boxer shorts.

  • Keep the curtains closed when the sun is shining directly into the room. The general consensus is to keep windows shut when the air is hotter outside and open them in the early morning and evening.

  • Use a fan to create airflow by pointing it towards an open window (we do this regularly and it really works!)


3. Keep cool at night

  • Put your sheets or pillow case in the freezer for a while before bed. It wont keep you cool forever but it'll be lovely to at least climb into cool sheets.

  • Keep a supply of flannels at the ready to dampen and place over your forehead, pressure points and bump.

  • Who cares if it's 3am, if an ice lolly will help - eat it!

  • Try a cooling spray (like this one from La Roche-Posay) or maybe even try a Cooling Pillow (Chillow)

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it by your bed to spritz yourself throughout the night.

  • Stick a hot water bottle in the freezer and use it as a comforting ice pack. So simple and yet i'd never thought of it!

  • Try placing ice in a bowl in front of a fan blowing towards the bed. As the ice melts it'll create a comforting cool breeze.

  • Ditch the other half and sleep by yourself. No one needs that extra body heat. Stretch out and keep cool!