Hayward Family Photo Shoot | Leighton Buzzard

I first met the Hayward family back in 2015 when their son Harry was born.  They had a relaxed photo shoot in their home, which included a few studio style photos with Harry and then some relaxed family images. 

I was VERY excited to hear when Harry's little sister had arrived and we arranged to do a similar style shoot.

I love this little family.  Not just because they feed me (a very big added bonus!) but they are just so friendly and relaxed and a pleasure to work with.

To start with I did a really simple studio set up for Leia.  She was a little older than my usual newborn so I kept things very natural and unposed, mixing up blankets and textures to get a good variety.
This age may be too old for posing, but it's the perfect time to start seeing little personalities start to develop. 

I love these little details.  Especially the eye lashes, curled up toes and hairy ears!

close up details in black and white of a newborn baby girl

Harry had done A LOT of growing up since his newborn shoot!

He's now a walking, talking, cheeky, train loving little boy.  And when I say 'train loving' I really mean it.  He's obsessed.  He knows more about trains than anyone else I know.

When I photograph children Harry's age it's all about play.  I don't just expect them to sit and smile, I expect to get down on their level and join in.

I adore these photos of Leia and her parents.  Just look at the way they are looking at each other - they're so full of love!

new parents stand in front of a window holding their newborn baby girl between them
new parents stand in front of a window holding their newborn baby girl between them
newborn baby girl peeks over her dadies shoulder in black and white

After we had finished downstairs we headed up to the bedroom for some fun on a big bed.  

The shoot may have been predominantly for Leia, but that doesn't mean that Harry can't have his moment with his mum and dad as well.
Once again, no posing - just fun and interaction.

Harry wasn't entirely keen of having his photo taken with his little sister.  It involved a lot of staying still and simply not enough trains.
A lot of playing a little bit of bribary later though and he decided to give her a kiss, all by himself.

2 year old brother kisses his baby sister on the cheek while laying on his parents bed

I love getting creative to get the shots I want.  On the left I was laying on the floor, peeking up over the edge of the bed and on the right I was standing on the bed, capturing the cuddles between the family.

This type of photo shoot is one of my favourites.  I often leave exhausted but so happy that I've captured such real moments for the family to treasure.

I really hope to see the Haywards again in the future so I can learn some more about trains!

new parents hold onto their newborn baby between them