5 Top Tips to Taking Beautiful Hospital Newborn Photos

It's been a long day, a long night, ok let's face it - a long 9 months, but now your little one has arrived and it's time to enjoy every second. 

Those few hours or days in the hospital are the start of your journey with your new arrival and it's just as important to capture the moments then as it is when you get home. 

Along with gorgeous images from Jennie at White Wave Photography (www.whitewavephotographyne.com) i've put together my top 5 tips to taking great hospital photos.

1. Natural light is your best friend

Open up the curtains and let as much light in as you can.  If that's not possible, turn on as many lights as you can but watch out for bright spots and dark shadows.

brand new newborn baby laying wrapped in a hospital crib.

2. Capture the firsts

new mum holding her brand new baby in her hospital bed
new mum holding her brand new baby in her hospital bed

First yawn, cry, cuddle, outfit, hat.  If a midwife offers to take a few photos for you say yes. There is quite a large chance that you may be a little overwhelmed and forget the camera is even in your hands!

3. Get in close

collection of images from a brand new babies hospital room.

Capture all the details.  Get shots of their tiny fingers & toes, sticking up hair, beautiful eyes and their tiny information bracelet.  All these things wont stay this little for long!
Take photos of the games you played to keep yourself busy, the food that kept mum going, the cards, flowers and balloons your were sent - all the little details you are likely to forget. 

and then...

4. Step back

Take a picture of the room as a whole (or at least your part of it!)  If the room is very cluttered, photographing your little one from above cuts out everything else and leaves the whole focus on them.  Don't worry about posing - capture them in all their natural goodness!  If they're awake and wriggly, swaddled photos look just as gorgeous (why not get both?)

a collection of images of behind the scenes in a hospital labor room as a mum lays in labor.

5. Capture the cuddles

Not just with mum and dad but nanny and grandad to.  They will treasure those photos forever.


6. Bonus Tip!

A bonus tip from Jennie at White Wave Photography - Remember to photograph everyone waiting for your baby to arrive.  This is something that the mum to be doesn't get to see and she'll love looking back at the photos.




Remember all, or even some of the tips above and you'll leave the hospital with beautiful images to remember one of the best days of your life!

Thank you once again to Jennie at White Wave Photography for letting me use her beautiful images.


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