Enzo's 6 month Baby Photo Shoot | Edgware

I first met Enzo in January when he came to me in Hemel Hempstead for his Newborn Photo Shoot.

As always, time flew by and before we knew it he was booked in for another photo shoot at 6 months.

newborn boy laying on his back covered in a cream blanket
newborn feet inside parents hands making a heart shape in black and white

For his Baby Photo Shoot I travelled to Edgware where I took some lovely relaxed images around his home with his mum and dad.

Lifestyle shoots like this are the perfect way to capture special moments in the home where he grew up. Enzo’s family are just about to move house, so they will now always have these pictures to look back on where he spent his first year.

We started with cuddles in the living room with both mum and dad. Just look at that gorgeous grin!

6 month old boy sitting on his mums lap in living room at home for photo shoot
6 month old baby boy sitting on his mums lap laughing for his professional photo shoot

I love taking photos in cots and on big beds. It’s a great way to show just how tiny he once was. It won’t be too long before Enzo is using these bars to pull himself up to standing.

6 month old baby boy laying, smiling in his cot for his photo shoot
6 month old baby boy laying on his back, smiling on a bed for his professional photo shoot in edgware

Mum and dad had to of course get in on the cuddle action on the bed as well!

newborn feet in love heart made up of parents hands

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