4 Today! Happy Birthday to Us!


Today, Becki Williams Photography turns 4!

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I gave up my job as a video editor to become a full time photographer. The time has absolutely flown past and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

So what did year number 3 bring with it?


Bluebell Minis

After some crazy late snow in April, I did wonder whether Bluebell Minis were even going to happen this year. Alas, mother nature pulled through and the flowers didn’t let us down. We may have had to dodge a bit of rain on some days but on others, the sun shined beautifully.
I may not do bluebell minis in 2019 but don’t fear - I have something even better planned!

Milestone Shoots

This year I launched Milestone Mini Shoots. These shoots are specially for anyone who has booked a newborn shoot with me in the past. Come back when your little one is about 8 months for a 30 minute mini shoot to capture those milestones and that gorgeous personality.

I can’t believe I photographed Oliver as a newborn and here he is hugging his little sister!

I can’t believe I photographed Oliver as a newborn and here he is hugging his little sister!


Being full time for 4 years now means the first babies I photographed have now started school!
I’m also seeing lots more little brothers and sisters coming through my doors. It’s so lovely to see families again and always a little mind blowing that the newborn it feels like I’ve just photographed is a cheeky three year old!

Digital Backdrops

This year I took the (slightly daunting!) step into digital backdrops. These backdrops open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to choosing themes and colours for a shoot.
They really do put my editing skills to the test though!


Christmas Minis are coming!

I couldn’t write this without mentioning Christmas Mini Shoots, could I?

Earlier this year I gave you a choice of whether you wanted the same Christmas set up as last year or a new studio one. You choose a new studio style so the hunt for a new backdrop began.
After a lot of searching I finally decided on a kind of ‘Scandi’ themed drop.

By the time you read this, they may have sold out but if there are any times still available, you’ll find them Here.


A HUGE thank you as always to anyone and everyone who has supported me over the last year and the years before. Every ‘love’ of a Facebook post, comment on a blog or mention of me to family and friends really does mean so much.


Here’s to year number 5!