Newborn Photo Shoot : Olivia


Meet Olivia, my cousins little girl and the newest member to our extending family!

I was lucky enough to meet her before a lot of my family (muahaha) when I went round to do her newborn shoot a few days after she was born.

Her mummy had asked my sister, who owns Rosie Jo Crochet on Etsy, if she would make Olivia a caterpillar outfit for the shoot and then asked me if I would photograph her in it.   

It's a hard job but someone's got to do it!

Olivia slept beautifully through most of the shoot, only waking a few times to be fed and changed, which meant I got to use a lot of different hats and accessories to give her mummy and daddy lots of different shots to choose from. 

I imagine you'll be seeing more of Olivia in the future as we are already planning the butterfly shot that will follow on from the caterpillar!