How to get amazing baby photos with your new SLR - Focus Points

Welcome back to your Introduction to your SLR.

If you’re new here, this is the fifth in a 6 part blog series, introducing you to the basic controls on your camera.

  1. Shooting Modes

  2. ISO

  3. Shutter Speed

  4. Aperture

  5. Focus Points

  6. White Balance



When you look through your view finder you should be able to see some dots on the screen.  The amount of dots varies from camera to camera.  When you press the shutter button half way down, one will turn red - that is where your camera is going to focus. 

When you haven’t told it what focus point to use, the camera works out what it thinks it should be focusing on by itself so every now and then may make the mistake of thinking the wall behind is more important than the person.  Move your camera around a little and press the stutter down half way again and you should see a different red dot turn red - now your camera will focus there.

You can leave it up to your camera - or you can change your focus point yourself.

On a Canon you are looking for a button that looks like rectangle with 4 dots inside.
Look through your viewfinder and press this button - you’ll see either one or all of the dots light up red.

While holding this button, turn the scroll wheel. You’ll see different dots light up. Whatever dot is red will be where your camera will now focus. If you want to get it back to where you camera works it out by itself, keep turning the scroll wheel till they are all red again.

If you want to learn more about focusing, Google Understanding Focus Modes.


Need more Help?

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