2018 Photo Project | June

What amazing weather we've had this month!

Yes, I'm aware it's very British to talk about the weather, but this June it really feels like something that should be mentioned.  Spring was amazing and with the record high temperatures we're currently having it looks like Summer is heading that way as well. 

Summer inevitably means lots of dog walks and time in the garden.  Strangely enough, Jess doesn't actually feature this month (shock horror!) but some of the scenery from Greenwood Park, Cupid Green and Bunkers Lane has made the cut. 

I'm currently doing up the garden so although it's still in the 'mess before it looks good' stage, there are still some nice corners of texture, depth and light to capture - including little bugs hanging out on my washing line!


I'm thinking of maybe setting myself a theme next month.  You'll have to wait and see what the theme is but I'm already excited to get started!