2018 Photo Project | January

This year, one of my goals is to start taking photos for fun again, rather than just for work.

It's been so long since I have taken photos for myself that I didn't even know if I'd enjoy just photographing every day life anymore.  As it happens I had nothing to worry about because I loved it.

I spent ages playing with the different ways I could photograph the lights on the Christmas tree and got excited when dramatic smoke started pouring from the candle.  There was no pressure if I didn't get a good shot, I just enjoyed trying.

My January

It's been cold, it's been rainy and it's gone by so fast!

There's a good mixture in there of things I expected (hello Jess) and then other random things like the light trails from the Christmas tree and the winter sun at Bunkers Lane.

Taking these images has also reaffirmed in my head just how fast time goes by.  Was it really just the beginning of this month that we had the Christmas decorations up?!

I really have enjoyed this project over the last month.  I like these photos so much that February has a lot to live up to.
It's a busy work month so expect lots from around my desk (and the dog, obviously) but i'll try and venture out with my camera a little as well. 

See you with more photos at the end of February!