I can’t wait to photograph your Cake Smash!

Here are few helpful tips for a ‘smashing’ photo shoot

(sorry I couldn’t help myself)


Before Your Photo Shoot

Avoid Nap Time - If you’ve booked for a time just before or during nap time, get in touch and let’s change that right now! A tired baby does not make a good smashing baby.

Allergies - Please tell me in advance if your baby has any allergies such as latex so we can avoid balloons in the setup.

Music at the ready! - If you didn’t include it on your booking form, let me know what music your little one likes. We can play music or have a sing song to get those smiles.

Sickness - If you think your baby is getting ill, i’d rather we re-schedule than try and force them to eat cake when they don’t want to. Just let me know and we’ll chose another date.

Practice - If your baby has never tried cake before, consider giving them a cupcake in the week running up to your shoot. That way they can have a little practice and the cake on the day might not be a big shock. If they always eat in their high chair, eating on the floor might be a new experience.



On The Day

The Cake - Due to concern for allergies, I am not able to provide the cake. Try and pick something that matches your chosen background and avoid anything red or chocolate (because that can look a little nasty when smeared everywhere!) Choose buttercream icing or something whipped rather than fondant as it’s harder for them the smash and is a choking hazard. If you can, get the cake on a small board so we can transfer the cake onto the stand easily.
Make sure you take it out the fridge and it’s back to room temperature.

Only bring toys you don’t mind being in photos - You know what it’s like when they see a toy and refuse to give it up. Try and only bring toys you wouldn’t mind being in some of the photos

Don’t panic if your baby doesn’t dive right in - Some babies need a little time to warm up. If we need to I’ll give them a wooden spoon and you can let them taste some cake from your fingers. We may need to smash the cake up a bit before they touch it.

Bring small snacks - Another way to encourage them is to hide small snacks like cereals or small berries that you know they like behind the cake and in the icing.

MESS! - Please don’t apologise for the mess. The more mess the better!

The Clean Up - I will have a flannel and towels if your little one needs it but bring some wipes and some clean clothes for them to go home in.

Bath time - I am unfortunately not currently offering a bath at the end of cake smashes.



  1. Baby!

  2. Cake

  3. Pre Cake Smash Outfit

  4. Cake Smash Outfit

  5. Outfit for them to go home in

  6. Spare clothes for yourself (Because you know the one thing your baby will need once they’re covered in cake is a hug.)

  7. Snacks to hide in the cake

  8. Their favourite cup to wash down the cake

  9. Baby Wipes to give them a little clean



After Your Shoot

Viewing your Images - Around 2 weeks later, your 15-20 images will be uploaded to a private Online Gallery. You can download them directly from there.

USB - If you’d like your images on a USB there will be small extra charge.

Using your images for marketing - I will only use your images for any kind of marketing (website, social media, in print etc) if you have given me permission to do so on your form.


Cake Smash Prices

Cake smash pricing is very simple with just one package which includes the shoot and your digital images.

  • 1-1.5hr photo shoot at my house in Hemel Hempstead

  • Choice of 4 backdrops

  • 15-20 edited digital images delivered via an online gallery

    Special Introductory offer of just

    - £149

    (usual price £299)