Decorate a Real Christmas Tree with an outdoor Christmas Mini Shoot! 


Get on your wellies, wrap up warm and come over to Hemel Hempstead for your very own Christmas Tree Mini Shoot.

I provide the decorations, the field has the tree - just bring your family and your decorating skills. I’ll then transform your images into a snowy wonderland.


30 Minute Photo Shoot (20 for decorating and 10 for posed photos)
At least 10 images to choose from (5 decorating and 5 posed in front of your decorated tree)
All images edited with a wintery feel
1 of the above images with a falling snow video filter.

This is a BIG tree so unless you’re VERY tall we’ll just be decorating the bottom half/quarter. I provide a step ladder and all the decorations you’ll need. These shoots best suit children aged 4 and up and parents are very much encouraged to join in!



30 Minute Shoot
5 Wintery Digital Images
1 of your images with a video snow filter


30 Minute Shoot
All Wintery Digital Images (around 10)
1 of your chosen images with a video snow filter




These shoots will be VERY limited with only 5 dates available between now and Christmas.
Due do the early sunset this time of year, I’m afraid I can’t push the school day shoots any later.

Dates & Times:
Thursday 15th November - 3:30pm
Saturday 17th November - 8am
Saturday 17th November - 3pm
Sunday 18th November - 8am
Sunday 18th November - 3pm
Tuesday 20th November - 3pm
Saturday 1st December - 8:30am
Saturday 1st December - 3pm

In the case of rain, an alternative date or time will be offered.