My name is Becki and I am chief photographer, editor, newborn poser, dribble wiper, song singer and toddler chaser of Becki Williams Photography.  I strongly believe that if a photographer does not leave your shoot with sore limbs or muddy knees (or a muddy bum, it's happened!) then they're not doing it right!  I love getting to know families as they grow and capturing moments in time for them to treasure forever.


Me and my nan, back in the day - wasn't i cute!

Me and my nan, back in the day - wasn't i cute!

I first found my love for photography in 2002 when I accidentally signed up for a photography AS level.

I then spent my college days roaming around Watford with my first 'proper' camera, which I bought off ebay.

In the 15 years since, I've hardly left the house without my cameras and now own a Canon 5Diii, known to me as Max. 

Although I decided I wanted to use my photography as a business about four years ago, it wasn't until after I got married that I really took the leap. 

On the day I got back from my honeymoon I was buying domains, designing my first website and contacting people for  photo shoots.  3 years on and a lot of bumps & babies later, I'm loving every minute and I haven't looked back!


Now you've got to know me, why not check out some of my work?